Why Getting Mental Health Coach Certification is So Important 

Your mental health is a super key part of your overall well-being, and the need is great for smart, talented pros who can give the help and guidance people need in this vitally important field. That’s why being a mental health coach has come into its own over the last few years. For any prospective mental health coach, getting certified is a must. Why people need that certification and what it takes to get it is what this piece is all about. Here’s a close look at what mental health coach certification is all about, how you can get it, and where to find a top-notch certificate program.

Decoding Mental Health Coach Certification

Mental health coach certification is a formal process that provides the education and the know-how to support others in managing their mental health. That includes knowing psychology in-depth, getting deep in counseling techniques, understanding communication theory, and understanding ethical rules. Certification is a chance for individuals to show that they meet professional standards and can really effectively help clients with whatever sort of mental health challenges they might be facing.

How Certification Happens

Obtaining a mental health coach certification generally includes completing a set, formal training, amassing a certain number of coaching hours with a supervisor, and passing a big exam. Candidates might also have to take a certain number of continuing education hours to keep their certification current. The entire process is meant to show that anybody with a certification is steeped in all the knowledge and experience they need to be great mental health coaches.

Best Mental Health Coach Certification Programs

1. International Coach Federation (ICF) Certification: It’s hard to beat this set of mental health coaching certificates from ICF. It hits hard on evidence-based practices and has the highest industry-wide reputation.

2. National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) Certification: NBHWC has those perfect, tough certificates that emphasize mental health coaching in a holistic way and brings physical, feeling, and social well-being together.

3. Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Health Coach Certification: The goodness of the IIN whole-health certificates is that it’s everything. It’s not just mental health coaching; it’s health coaching across the board, with lots of mental health coaching thrown in.

5. Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) Board Certified Coach (BCC) Certification: The CCE has a strong specialty mental health coaching certificate program. It’s a comprehensive concentration on mental health coaching practice guided by the best practices and standards.

5. National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) Whole Health Coach Certification: NIWH’s certificate program takes a holistic view of coaching all the whole healths—mental and physical—with the special connections between the themes in the psyche and themes in the body hard-wired in.

6. Wellcoaches School of Coaching Mental Health Coach Certification: The Wellcoaches certificates get at mental health coaching deep in positive psychology and the best in behavior change, making sure clients get the good mental help they need.

7. Health Coach Institute (HCI) Dual Certification: Get a certificate in health coaching, get a certificate in mental health coaching, practice a whole coaching approach with a great skill set for the whole patient.

8. American Council on Exercise (ACE) Health Coach Certification: ACE has the certificate for health coaching and mental health coaching. It’s a hitter on behavior change and motivational interviewing, for the mental health help that improves so many lives.

9. Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach Professional Training: DMI’s certificate program will give you the mental health coaching certificate that happens in the completion of their comprehensive health-coaching certificate program, characterized by a patient-centered coaching method.

10. National Society of Health Coaches (NSHC) Certified Health Coach (CHC) Certification: The NSHC’s certificates in health coaching—their first aim—is to include mental health coaching as the course you take to get the certificate.


To land the role of a skilled, ethical mental health-coaching pro, certification is critical. Show people you’re willing to measure up to high standards and truly help your clients by having a certificate that people trust. The Imperial top ten certificates in mental health coaching in this story build that trust by giving people broad and deep training and by seeing to it that people who hold one fully deserve the title “mental health coach.” All this is with the goal of readying top-notch mental health coaches to meet the exploding demand for mental health support, which is what it’s all about. Mental health-coaching pros bring about mental well-being. Mental health is the launch pad for people to live lives as complete as they can be. And coaches make sure clients get there.

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