Kaftans –  A Symbol of Modest Style in Modern Culture

Kaftans are the Islamic dresses which comes in loose styles because it needs to be an Islamic modest dress. Just like an abaya is an Islamic clothing which is considered as a gown dress,  kaftan is also considered as a gown which can have sleeves or it can come sin sleeveless styles. Soft fabrics like cottton, silk, cashmere, wool, velvet, etc. are used to make caftan dresses for women. This outfits can also have a sash or belts around the waist which will add more grace to the attire. Women have been wearing this Muslim dress since the ancient times. Various cultures around the world have adopted this dress and by tweaking it little in their own style have created their own kaftan dress styles. In the earlier times, kaftans wear worn by the noble or rich people. The queen used to wear the kaftan made with embroidery works and beautiful buttons which showed that she belonged to the higher rank. In the modern times, it has become easy to shop kaftans for women online. One of the online stores like Mirraw offers various styles of kaftans in various fabric and colors with best designs.

Kaftan – The Simple yet Beautiful Dress

The Caftan which is another name for kaftan is known for being a simple outfit has been worn by people for many years. These dresses comes in various striped or embroidery designs and some comes in a very plain and simple outfit. It is an Islamic clothing which can be paired with hijab. It became popular in the West region in the 1960’s and 1970’s because the interest in the casual clothing and ethnic fashions were on the rise which made a popular bohemian style. One of the styles that became popular is hand block print caftan dress. It is considered as a exotic, luxurious and comfortable wear.

Popularity Regained in 1990’s

After the 1970’s, the popularity of the caftan had gone down. But after the 1990’s, it again regained the popularity. All credit goes to the hard work of some of the brilliant designers. It is still one of the favourite dress among the women and still continuing to be the favourite women’s attire. One of the most loved kaftan dress for women is the traditional style which are worn mainly in the Middle East and Africa region. Traditional kaftans are made from rich fabrics and have more embroidery designs and beautiful patterns. This Islamic clothing has gone through a lot of evolution in terms of fashion over the time. The modern kaftans is a loose fitting, light weight dress style and majority of these dresses are long and layered with different neckline styles. 

Nowadays, printed kaftan dresses are becoming trendy style because of it versatility and informal look. Kaftan is known for being modern dress because caftan is known for oozing elegance which can be worn for any event. It is the dress which can be worn as a evening gowns or evening dresses. This Muslim dress is no longer limited to Islamic women, it can be worn by Non Muslim women also. It has become one of the trendy summer outfits because of its light weight and made from cotton fabrics.

So, ladies whenever you are thinking about shopping one versatile dress that can be worn for summer or special events then kaftan  should be the attire which should be on top of the shopping list.

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