Why a Log Home

Why a Log Home? There’s Lots of Good Reasons in 2023

Why a log home in 2023? Well, believe it or not, there are a lot of good reasons, not the least of which is the cost of conventional housing going through the roof. The fact is, housing by tract is literally becoming a rich man’s game, pricing the average working class person out of the market entirely. On the other hand, log homes are incredibly affordable and come with a lot of other benefits that appeal to many who are sick and tired of the rat race, crowded cities, car jam commutes and similar useless ways of living. Instead, people are finding that log homes provide them with an incredibly sturdy home in a rural setting that is peaceful, quiet and protected.

Sustainable Building

Fundamentally, log homes are made of trees (see https://frontierloghomes.com/ for more info). Unlike the modern home, which has an incredible amount of petroleum-based products in it from flooring to insulation, log homes are primarily made of wood and tree logs. That makes them ideal for recycling organic, biological-sourced materials that, if a log cabin is left to nature, will simply fall back to earth and decompose over time. Further, logs and trees sequester carbon incredibly well, helping remove carbon from the air.

Reliable Durability

Aside from the risk of termites (and even then it takes an incredible amount of damage to make a dent), log homes are incredibly strong and durable, lasting for decades. Practically no modern home can hold up to the pressures and demands put on them that a log home can take on. It’s no surprise in ancient times that forts and early castles were made of solid logs; they survived the elements, attack, fire, water and much more.

Fast Construction and Fits the Area

For rural locations, bringing in lots of materials for building can be a real challenge. However, with a log cabin, the parts and materials are complete and contained, so setting up a kit happens very quickly and easily. In addition, the nature of the construction is very natural and fits the environment, especially in forested areas.

Natural Insulation

Wood is particularly good as an insulator, so it fends off the cold very well, trapping indoor heat. In reverse, during the summer, solid wood can heat up, but with proper venting, air flow and windows, that heat can escape very quickly. In the meantime, the log structure fends off the sun very well. With a bit of external treatment on the outside, log walls and roofing can fend off the elements and pests effectively.

In short, a log cabin home makes a lot of sense, especially for the outdoors type of family or person. Definitely consider it as an option if the real estate market is simply ridiculous and not worth hassling with anymore. 

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