Types of Degrees

Unpacking the Various Types of Degrees: From MBA to MFA

Have you ever wondered what the letters MBA or MFA mean after someone’s name?

These two are among the different types of degrees people can get after completing college. Below, we’ll explore the different kinds of degrees you can work towards.

Keep reading to learn more about what each degree means and what they cover!


An MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. It’s a degree that people get if they want to learn more about how to run businesses successfully. When you study for an MBA, you get to learn lots of different things about business.

This includes how to manage money, how to sell products, and how to lead teams. People who have an MBA often go on to become bosses in big companies.

They might run their businesses too. Getting an MBA can take a couple of years but it teaches people a lot of useful skills for the business world. Nowadays, there are one year MBA programs that you can take advantage of. 


An MFA is short for Master of Fine Arts. It’s a degree for people who are very interested in creative arts – think of painting, writing, acting, or music. When someone studies for an MFA, they spend a lot of time making art and learning how to get better at their craft.

They also learn from teachers who are at the highest levels in their art form. By getting an MFA, people can become professional artists, writers, actors, or musicians.

This degree helps them to improve their skills a lot and prepares them to share their art with the world. It can also take a couple of years to finish, but it’s worth it for people who love creating art.

PhD Degree

A PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy, is a type of degree that you get if you want to become an expert in a specific field of study. This can be almost anything, from history to science, technology, and more.

To earn a PhD, you have to do a lot of research and write a big paper called a dissertation. This paper shares discoveries or ideas with others. Earning a PhD takes a lot of hard work and usually about 3 to 5 years, but it helps people become teachers at colleges or leaders in their field of study.

Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor’s Degree is like the first big step in college. It’s what you work towards when you first start after high school. You can study many different things to get a Bachelor’s Degree, like science, art, or business.

For example, some people take business management online degree programs. These are great because you can learn how to be a boss from your own house!

It usually takes about 4 years to finish a Bachelor’s Degree. But after you’re done, you can find better jobs or even go back to school for more learning if you want.

All About the Different Types of Degrees You Can Work Towards

There are many types of degrees you can choose from. Each one is special in its very own way. They all help you learn more about what you love.

Picking the right type of degree can lead you to the job of your dreams. It’s like picking a path on a big adventure. Always pick the one that feels right for you!

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