Top 5 Tips for Nailing the First Meeting

Top 5 Tips for Nailing the First Meeting

Have you spent months trying to get a meeting with a prospective client? All that work finally pays off when you get your first meeting. You probably feel excited and nervous. However, if you have the best Teams background and know your product as well as how it will help your prospect, you are in good shape. These are a few tips to help you nail your meeting.

1. Setting an Agenda Prior to the Meeting

You and your audience need to understand what you will cover during the meeting. You should set a timeline and then create an agenda. Make sure you include each participant.

Send a copy to your audience and ask them if they want to add or remove anything. Give them time to get back to you and prepare for the meeting.

2. Spend Time on Preparation

You likely have a strong understanding of your products and services, but you need more than this to have a successful meeting. Learn everything you can about your audience. Get the names and research every person you may meet with.

If you plan to meet via videoconferencing, find the best Teams backgrounds. Check your lighting and choose an outfit that looks great on video.

Build your sales pitch. First, identify your strengths and capabilities. Spend time creating your sales pitch, but make sure you also cover your company. Rehearse your pitch until it is second nature.

3. Take Copious Notes

During the meeting, you will discuss lots of details, and you may not remember everything after you sign off. Therefore, take notes. Include all the details that may be important to you, the client and your deal. If you missed something, ask the client to repeat it.

You may also consider recording the meeting so you can review it. Make special note of the questions the client asks and what you answered. Also, note anything you need to follow up on. Don’t forget to write down as much as you can about the business, its concerns and needs, and expected challenges and how you can help.

4. Listen to the Client

Don’t spend the entire meeting talking. Give your audience time to speak as well. Ask them questions about their needs and desires. Find out what they want and what part of your initial pitch caught their attention. Learn why they agreed to the meeting. Ask about their business and ongoing projects that intersect with your products and services. Repeat important parts and ask for clarification on anything you don’t completely understand.

5. Follow Up

Before the meeting ends, set a time to follow up with the client. This gives you the opportunity to do some research on any questions you could not answer and give them to your audience. First, share your meeting notes via email with all those in attendance. Ask whether they want to add anything else and if they have questions.

Then, let them know when you will have answers to their initial questions, and ask how they want you to give them the information. In addition, you can inquire about any additional questions. Also, consider sending a thank you gift.

Give yourself the best chance of success by creating a professional presentation, including a background with company logo, and following these tips.

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