Top 10 Custom Web Design Trends in Melbourne

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, web design is both an art and a science, a dynamic canvas where creativity meets functionality. As we venture into 2023, web design trends continue shaping the looks and experience of website use. Every pixel, every transition, and every interaction tells a story of the brand.

So, buckle up as this blog highlights custom web design in Melbourne and outlines how it will benefit in the coming years. From immersive 3D experiences to the elegance of minimalism, each trend we uncover is captivating, shaping how we navigate, interact, and connect.

10 Custom Web Design Trends in 2023

While specific design trends can vary from year to year, here are some anticipated custom web design trends that might be prominent in 2023:

1. Interactive Animations

One of the primary roles of hover animations is to provide instant and visually appealing feedback to users. As you hover a cursor over a button, link, or image, the responsive animation signals the user that their action is recognized. This visual feedback enhances the overall user experience. It contributes to the intuitive nature of navigation, making the website more user-friendly.

However, The choice of animation style depends on the website’s aesthetic, brand identity, and the emotional response you aim to evoke. Hover animations can include colour changes, scaling effects, fading colours, or additional information displays.

2. Dark Mode Dominance:

Dark mode designs will continue gaining popularity due to their modern and visually appealing aesthetics. They not only reduce eye strain but also make other design elements pop. That is because dark mode makes light text easily visible when you choose dark backgrounds for your website.

Choosing dark mode designs for your website is helpful to picture the most exciting content without the need for extra effort.

3. Immersive Experiences with 3D Elements:

Integrating 3D elements into web design can create more immersive and engaging user experiences. This includes 3D graphics, animations, and even interactive 3D illustrations. Being visually pleasing, the primary benefit of 3D illustrations is to get users to interact with your website.

As soon as someone lands on your website home page, the presence of 3D objects will help them explore more, understand the brand story, and look for products from different angles.

4. Minimalistic and Clean Designs:

The minimalism trend in web design is familiar but will continue to thrive in 2023. Clean and simple layouts of this trend enhance user focus. In addition, the minimalism trend is best for businesses wanting to increase website traffic with a strong brand identity.

The trend presents an emotion, brand message and mission that helps them make an impact without adding other graphics or information.

5. Microinteractions for Enhanced User Engagement:

Microinteractions improve user engagement by providing visual feedback for user actions. For example, when you enter your email ID to receive a newsletter, it turns into a message that says, “Thanks for your interest”.

Using micro-interactions in a website design makes visitors feel their efforts are being recognized. Ultimately, it increases customer retention and engagement, boosting the power of your business.

6. Artificial Intelligence Chatbots:

Artificial intelligence is creating a history in art, music, and digital marketing. Beyond the traditional support services, using AI chatbots allows more freedom for businesses. Simply, it eliminates the need for being available 24/7 to assist visitors.

Create an interactive chatbot that automatically shows up as and when a new visitor shows up on your website. And, your visitors may always appreciate the excellent customer service.

7. Custom Illustrations and Graphics:

Custom illustrations and graphics can help websites stand out by adding a unique and personal touch. This trend will continue as businesses seek to differentiate their online presence.

8. Flexibility of Dynamic Typography:

Like animations, moving text in Kinetic Typography makes brands appear unique and attractive. Many brands have already incorporated this technique to focus on a website’s headlines and essential facts and figures.

With the playful text and designs, your website will be easily remembered, creating a lasting impression for visitors.

9. Retro themes:

At the beginning of the pandemic, when things turned upside down, many people chose to recall happier moments. During this time, designers took inspiration to create 80’s or 90’s themes in their website to attract more customers.

Hitting the right spot, retro themes and designs are still dominating. People still find and connect with the retro pieces that make them feel alive.

10. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Design:

As environmental concerns grow, more websites may incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly design practices, including energy-efficient features and messaging about corporate social responsibility.

How will these trends affect an SEO company in Melbourne?

Remember, while these trends offer insights into what might be popular in 2023, it’s crucial to balance current trends with timeless design principles and the specific needs of your target audience. The Make MY Website is an SEO company that uses well-designed custom web design trends to expand its reach.


It is, therefore, clear that the use of Melbourne’s custom web design trends aligns with different websites. Pick the one that meets a business goal, adds to user engagement and increases conversions. When you choose to go with any of the above trends, consider SEO factors.

Make My Website is a custom web design and SEO company in Melbourne that will help you design a custom website. That, too, is when evolving trends are your new concern.

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