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Restoring Hair Structure With Hanheal

Taking care of your hair can be effective not only in beauty salons. You need to choose the right care products. The condition of your hair depends directly on the care products you need for daily use. It is possible to restore damaged hair with a professional Hanheal hair filler. It is an effective product to cope with dryness, brittleness, and hair porosity. Restorative preparation of South Korean production is ideal for women and men.

Filler is widely used in the fight against partial alopecia, saturating the hair and head skin with nutrients. The care product enriches and activates damaged follicles with active ingredients: 

  • butylene glycol;
  • polypeptides;
  • sodium hyaluronate;
  • polydesoxyribonucleotides.

The meso product effectively copes with the functions assigned to it, does not cause adverse allergic reactions and gives self-confidence. Regular use of the drug can achieve a more significant and long-lasting effect. 

Indications for the use of hair filler

Beauty and health of the scalp are the primary goals of the meso product. Due to the high concentration of peptides, filler:

  • strengthens hair follicles;
  • stops hair loss;
  • accelerates their growth. 

Injections are used for hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Production from Korea also stimulates active blood supply in the area where the drug was directly injected. 

Restorative filler of premium class is necessary in case of:

  • hair depigmentation;
  • the appearance of dandruff;
  • dryness;
  • scalp flaking;
  • excessive oiliness of the skin;
  • brittleness.

The product is used as a course – once a week. You should perform at least 5-10 treatments to get a positive result. Hanheal hair filler can not be used at home without the supervision of trichologists or cosmetologists. Two types of needles are used for injections – 30Gx4 and 32Gx4. Improvement of microcirculation and nourishment of hair follicles can be noticed after the third treatment. One set consists of two vials with different substances, which can help you achieve the desired effect together.

Advantages of the product

Hanheal hair is an excellent tool in the fight against profuse hair loss. The cost of the meso product is more than affordable and justified. It is an ideal remedy for those who want to solve the problem once and forever. In addition, it is a chance to accelerate the process of hair growth and give volume after the first course of application of quality and original care products. There are no animal origin ingredients in the composition of the product. Before starting a treatment course, you should ensure that you do not have individual intolerance to the product.

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