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Researching Tesla Trailer Hitches for Your Next Trip

Depending on the Tesla model you have, it should have come equipped with a towing receiver or a special tow package. Either way, your vehicle’s receiver helps you tow utility trailers, small craft, boats, and full trailers. To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need to purchase a Tesla trailer hitch that best meets your needs. 

Start With Your Hitch Receiver

Your vehicle’s hitch receiver is mounted on the back, typically just underneath the bumper. To find its size, you can review your owner’s manual or measure it manually. Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the width of your vehicle’s receiver tube opening. Most passenger vehicles use one of two sizes: 1¼ inches or two inches. 

All About Hitch Classes

While trailer hitches aren’t exactly universal fit, they fall into one of five general classes. Two key factors determine a hitch’s class: its compatible receiver size and maximum weight capacity. Look for GTW, which stands for “gross trailer weight.” This refers to the actual weight of the trailer plus its contents when it’s fully loaded. 

Let’s look at the smaller receiver size, 1¼ inches. This size is common in cars, crossovers, and minivans. Two hitch types are compatible with this receiver:

  • Class 1: Up to 2,000 pounds GTW
  • Class 2: Up to 3,500 pounds GTW

Next is the two-inch receiver size, common on SUVs, larger crossover vehicles, full-size vans, and pickup trucks. Three classes of hitches are available, each differentiated by its maximum GTW capacity:

  • Class 3: Up to 8,000 GTW
  • Class 4: Up to 10,000 GTW
  • Class 5 Xtra Duty: Up to 17,000 GTW

Knowing these hitch classes can help you select the right one for your vehicle. You can check your owner’s manual for recommendations.

If no hitch class is specified, try looking for its maximum towing weight. This figure can differ for each Tesla model. For example, the Tesla X is rated for 5,000 pounds GTW. The Tesla Model 3 tops out at 2,200 pounds GTW and the tri-motor Cybertruck can tow up to 11,000 pounds GTW. 

What You Can Tow

Once you know your vehicle’s max towing capacity and the correct hitch type, you can go shopping. Keep in mind that while a 1¼-inch receiver fits both Class 1 and Class 2 hitches, its towing capacity determines what type of hitch you can equip. With its 5,000-pound capacity, for instance, a Tesla X should only equip a Class 3 Tesla X trailer hitch. With a Class 3, you can tow utility trailers loaded with personal watercraft, motorcycles, many types of boats, and fifth-wheel campers. 

Similarly, a Tesla Model 3 should only use a Class 1 hitch, enabling you to tow utility trailers and small boats up to the recommended weight limits. The Cybertruck can equip a Class 3, but you can also use a Class 4 if you’re towing a large camper or a horse trailer. 

Purchasing a Tesla Trailer Hitch

As unique as Tesla, Mini Cooper, and similar niche vehicles are, you can still easily find needed accessories. Shop at a reputable auto parts and accessories retailer to find a high-quality Tesla or Mini Cooper Countryman trailer hitch at competitive prices. 

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