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PHP Projects With Source Code For Final Year

A PHP project in your final year as a computer science student will allow you to exhibit your skills and creativity. PHP is a strong server-side scripting language that possesses all the necessary features for building websites and web applications that are handy, flexible, and well-supported by the eventual community. As it comes to the final stage of the PHP project for the year you may want to consider a topic that matches your interest and capabilities and also conforms to the course requirements.

Here we will discuss the role of PHP projects for final-year students, also we will discuss what is the importance and benefits of choosing PHP projects as your final-year project. PHP projects for students in their final year with source code must ensure the students can submit the final year projects on time with high quality. Our PHP Projects will make you see the web page not only as plain HTML but also as something dynamic and database-dependent. While you can perform regular queries on the database very easily, you can also define a more specific and sophisticated request that will query for you future university graduates with a preferred major studied. If you want to use PHP projects for students, you can simply visit websites like OpenSourceCollection, Github, and others.

Why PHP Projects Important For Final Year Students?

  • Practical Application of Knowledge: The PHP projects provide a practical means of converting the systematized notion in your academic studies into practical actions. Practicing creating real-life applications leads you to become more confident in how you employ programming concepts, use web development tools, and learn how to manage a database.
  • Portfolio Enhancement: Achieving a PHP project brings value to your portfolio; your skills are presented as evidence when you apply to these potential companies or for collaboration. Successfully completed project shows the full range of your competence as a good problem solver with deep working knowledge of programming and good project management skills proving that you are a reliable software developer.
  • Skill Development: Creating a PHP project like this will give you an opportunity to improve based on your technical skills in areas like front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), back-end development (PHP, MySQL), user interface design, version control (for example, Git) and deployment strategies.
  • Collaborative Learning: Working on a PHP project with others or a mentor not only helps develop but also gives out opportunities for learning and contributing to the pool of knowledge. Through teamwork, you will be able to draw on the collective skill set and experience as well as get mentored, and learn about effective team as well as project management.

Top PHP Projects with source code for Final year


Kanboard is a standalone project management software application following the Kanban methodology. Being the stage of software development where a program is finally deemed to have reached each of its major objectives and in general is considered with no bugs, the maintenance mode is a very special point. Another important concept in the context of software evolution is the implication of the product’s life cycle, which means the age that comes when the software is no longer competitive compared to other products or becomes obsolete with the current technology in which the system resides. The author is presently not building on any fundamentally new massive features instead they adding only small system repairs, and the releases get published as soon as some community contributions get made.


Akaunting is a collaborative, online accounting program with no charge and an open-source code that is perfect for small businesses and self-employed individuals. This is a modern technology-type system which is built with Laravel, VueJS, Tailwind, etc, with the help of a modular structure; therefore, the best app store is provided for the users and developers. Akaunting has opted for Laravel, the most widespread and promising existing PHP framework available, as the foundational framework and Modules container.


It is a software suite based on an open source technology (or PHP and JavaScript add-ons). It is applicable to firms irrespective of their sizes, foundation and freelancing. Users have the right to use, modify, adapt, or distribute the property by the license’s terms. It can be a single application or web app with the possibility to access it via the internet or a local network. With Dolibarr you will have a sizable community that can help you, free community forums, and trusted providers that will offer their commercial support should this need arise. Dolibarr licensed with the conditions of the GNU General Public Licence, published by the Free Software Foundation, may be either version 3 or (must be at your option) the later version (GPL-3+).


osTicket is an open source ticketing system and it is in many cases, a more preferred option. It unobtrusively covers inquiries that come through emails, phones, and on-web forms and turns them into an easy-to-use multi-person web interface. Organize, manage, and save all the tickets sent to you and the replies from your clients in one place. This shows your customers where you stand and you can respond to them quickly as well. osTicket means a lot and is an outsider’s lodging system (TOS) that is uniquely competing in the higher cost and complex category of turnkey customer support systems; simple, lightweight, and reliable. Moreover, open source, web-based, and easy to set up and use. On the plus side, this program comes with a flat rate.


Kimai is a professional level of time-tracking software with no cost and an open-source license. It is applicable to both freelancers as well as companies with widespread workers; some of them are more than a hundred. Kimai was built to track your project times and ships with many advanced features, including but not limited to JSON API, invoicing, data exports, multiple timers with punch-in/punch-out mode, tagging, account integration for multiple users, multi-timezone and multi-language (over 30 translations available!), authentication via SAML/LDAP/Database, two-factor authentication (2FA with TOTP), and many other features.

Benefits Of Undertaking Our PHP Projects With Source Code

  • Hands-on Experience: A PHP project leaves students with a tight grip on web application development utilizing dynamic and interactive webpages involving designing e-commerce sites, content management systems, social media sites and online learning platforms.
  • Problem-Solving: Building a PHP application is within the context of the challenges, in the form of making a solution, and deploying a robust and scalable solution. Resolving such actual problems helps form problem-solving skills to reflect a superior mode of thinking and innovation.
  • Career Readiness: Volition in PHP endeavours gives you a notion of what employment is like by familiarizing you with industry-used tools, frameworks, and regulations. It offers you a hands-on way of learning and you get the necessary skills and expertise needed for your future web development career.
  • Networking Opportunities: The PHP programs allow you to chum up with people who have the same interests as you, big wigs in your industry, and may even serve as a potential chance for collaboration. Networking is one of the key elements needed for exchanging knowledge, career guidance, and opportunity creation for upcoming collaboration which ultimately helps in the growth and visibility of the professional perspective of every individual.

Wrap Up

Undertaking a PHP project for your final year graduation gives you the enormous privilege of applying your theoretical knowledge, strengthening your practical skills, and contributing greatly to the field of web development. By choosing a fit project idea, being involved in the development process, and using the opportunities that are open for exploring, you will be able to make a specific PHP project that introduces you and that you can use to start your career as a software developer.

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