How to Use Instagram for Business: A Complete Guide

Instagram isn’t only for fun; it’s a great place for businesses to meet people, show what they’ve got, and get more noticed. In this guide, we’re going to cover everything about using Instagram for your business. We’ll start with the basics, like setting up a business account, and then we’ll look at some great tips, like how to increase Instagram followers to really make your business pop on Instagram. Whether you’re new to Instagram or you’ve been using it for a while, this guide will give you handy tips to make the most of it for your business. Let’s get into it!

How to create an Instagram business account

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you should make a regular one first. Then, you can turn it into a business account. If you already have an Instagram account, switching it to a business one is easy. This way, you can use Instagram for business, like promoting your products or services and connecting with your customers.

Create a New Instagram Account

Download the Instagram App: First, download the Instagram mobile app from the App Store (if you have an iPhone), Google Play Store (if you have an Android phone), or the Microsoft Store (if you have a Windows Phone).
Register: After installing the app, open it and select “Register.”

Enter Your Email: Enter your email address. If you’re creating this account for business purposes, using your email is a good idea.

Pick an account name and password: Make an account name unique and a strong password. Your username is what people will use to find you, so pick something memorable!

Complete Your Profile: After creating your account, you’ll be prompted to complete your profile by adding a profile picture, a bio, and other details about yourself or your business.

Increase Instagram Reach:

Purchasing Instagram followers involves paying for people to follow your account. It can give you a quick boost in followers. Having a higher follower count makes your profile appear more credible and trustworthy, which can encourage others to follow you, too! 

Choose a reputable company like from where you get real and active Instagram followers. That followers can help boost your profile’s popularity and attract more likes and comments!

Convert to Business Profile

To convert your personal Instagram account into a business profile, follow these steps:

Open Instagram: Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.

Go to Your Profile: Tap on your profile picture or the profile icon in the bottom right corner to go to your profile.

Access Settings: Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to open the menu, then tap “Settings” at the bottom.

Switch to Business Profile: In the “Settings” menu, tap on “Account,” then select “Switch to Professional Account.”

Choose Business: Tap “Business” to select the type of business profile you want to create.

Follow Prompts: Instagram will guide you through setting up your business profile. You may need to connect to a Facebook page if you still need to.

Complete Setup: Follow the prompts to complete the setup of your business profile, including adding contact information, a category for your business, and any additional details you want to include.

Done: Once you’ve completed the setup process, your personal Instagram account will be converted into a business profile, and you’ll have access to additional features such as insights and the ability to promote your posts.

How to use Instagram for business: 5 steps

Using Instagram for business can be a powerful tool for reaching your target audience and promoting your products or services. Here are some basic steps to get started:

1. Use Nice-Looking Photos

Put up pictures that look good. You can take great photos or use tools to make your pictures look better. Good pictures will make people more interested in your business. Just ensure your images are bright and clear and show off what you’re selling in the best way possible. Avoid putting up blurry or messy photos. Make sure the lighting is good, the picture is framed nicely, and if you need to, edit it to make it look even better.

To post a new photo:

• Open the Instagram app on your phone.

• Tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.

• Select “Photo” at the bottom of the screen to choose a photo from your phone’s library.

• Pick out the picture you want to share.

• Touch the “Next” option found at the top-right corner of your screen.

• Add a caption and tap “Share” in the top right corner to post your photo.

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are like labels that help people find stuff on Instagram. They’re made up of letters and numbers, but you can’t use symbols like & or $. For example, #InstagramAndFacebook works, but #Instagram&Facebook doesn’t.

Using the right hashtags is super important. They make your posts easier to find. People can see your post when they search or click on a hashtag. But be careful to pick hashtags that match what you’re sharing.

Here are some tips for using hashtags:

Pick the Right Ones: Some hashtags, like #nofilter or #selfie, are popular, but they might not fit your post. Look at what other people in your field are using for ideas.

Don’t Go Crazy: You can add up to 30 hashtags to a post, but using too many can look spammy. It’s better to use just a few good ones.

Try Different Ones: Experiment with hashtags to see which ones work best. You can even make up your own for your hosting business or events. That way, people can follow along even if they’re not there.

3. Have Fun with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is an excellent tool for both regular people and businesses. It’s a bunch of pictures and videos that disappear after a day.

With Instagram Stories, you can make your posts more exciting and share lots of stuff. You can use videos you’ve taken, pictures, live videos, those fun videos that go back and forth, words, music, and even unique pictures.

Try adding stickers to show where you are and the weather, tag other people or add hashtags to your stories.

You can also chat with your followers using polls and questions. It’s a great way to hear what they think and talk to them. Some people even do a fun thing called “Ask Me Anything,” where they answer questions from their followers.

And remember Instagram’s Stories Highlights. You can organize your stories into different groups and keep them on your profile for people to watch later. It’s a neat way to show off your best stuff.

4. Host live Q&A sessions

Besides posting and stories, Instagram lets you go live. It’s like having a live chat with your followers. You can answer their questions and share cool stuff. Try doing live Q&A sessions where people can ask you anything about your business. It’s fun and helps you connect with your followers. After the live session, it stays on your story for a day so others can watch it later. If you want to keep it forever, you can upload a video from your phone or shoot one using Instagram. You can still add filters and make it look cool.

5. Grow your Instagram follower count

And lastly, you should focus on growing your Instagram followers. Even though follower count might seem like just a number, it still impacts how far your posts reach and how engaged your audience is.

Top Tips for Success

Here are some guidelines to optimize your Instagram business account and maximize its effectiveness:

Make the Most of Your Bio Link

Your profile is where you can put a link to your website. Only try to put links in your captions if they work. Instead, use your bio link to direct people where you want them to go.

Stay True To Your Brand

Stick to posting things that relate to your business. Posting popular food or cute animals might be tempting, but it can only be clear to your followers if it matches your brand.

Get People Excited With Giveaways

Run fun promotions where people can win stuff from your business. Ask them to use a unique hashtag to enter and then pick a winner. It’s an excellent method to spark more conversations about your brand.

Talk to Your Followers

When people comment on your posts, be sure to respond. It shows that you care about their thoughts and helps build relationships.

Show Off On Your Website

Share your Instagram posts directly on your company’s website. It lets visitors see what you’re up to on Instagram and can help you get more Instagram followers in Malaysia.

Team Up With Influencers

Work with famous people on Instagram to promote your business. Find ones who naturally fit with your brand and who will be excited to talk about your products.

Share User Posts in Your Story

If someone posts a picture of your product, share it in your story to highlight it and show your appreciation for your customers.

Have Fun with Interactive Features

Use polls and questions in your Instagram Stories to get your followers involved and build a community.

Use Video to Spice Things Up

Try out Instagram’s different video options, like Reels or longer feed videos, to showcase your products and connect with your audience in a new way.


Is Instagram for business free?

Yes, Instagram for Business doesn’t cost anything. If you have a business, you can create a particular Instagram account for free. It gives you extra stuff, like seeing how many people like your posts and who follows you. You can also make ads on Instagram without paying. But you might need to spend some money to reshuffle your ads.

How do I use personal Instagram for business?

To use your personal Instagram for business, switch to a business account in your settings. This unlocks features like insights into your followers and post performance and the ability to create ads and add action buttons to your profile. It’s a quick and easy way to enhance your business presence on Instagram.

How do you get paid for Instagram?

You can make money on Instagram in a few ways. One is posting about products or services that companies pay you to promote. Another way is through affiliate marketing, where you earn money by sharing product links and getting a commission for each sale. You can also sell your stuff or team up with brands to create sponsored posts.

Is it better to have a business account on Instagram?

Yes, having a business account on Instagram is advantageous. It provides more comprehensive analytics than a personal account, allowing you to track metrics like website clicks, hashtag performance, profile visits, and reach. These insights help you understand what strategies effectively reach your audience and achieve your goals.

Do Instagram business accounts get less views?

Having an Instagram business account means you’ll get more views. The number of views your posts get depends on how good they are, how much people like them, and how often you share. Some might think business accounts get less attention, but it needs to be proven. What matters most is making posts that people enjoy and want to see.


Using Instagram for business can make a big difference for your brand. Following the steps we discussed, you can make your business look great on Instagram, talk to your customers coolly, and grow your business. Whether you’re just starting out or already have an account, these tips can help you use Instagram best for your business.

Remember to post nice pictures, use hashtags wisely, and have fun with features like Instagram Stories. Remember to be yourself and stick to what your business is all about. It’s also important to talk to your followers and show them that you care about them. And if you want to try something new, like making videos, Instagram has many excellent options to help you.

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