Hilary Newsom Callan

Hilary Newsom Callan: A Profile of Dedication and Philanthropy


Hilary Newsom Callan is a name that resonates with many in California and beyond, not just because of her family ties but due to her own significant contributions to the community. Known for her philanthropic efforts and dedication to various causes, Hilary has carved out her niche as a compassionate leader and an advocate for positive change.

Early Life and Background

Family and Upbringing

Hilary Newsom Callan was born into the well-known Newsom family, which has been influential in California’s political and social landscape. She is the sister of Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California, and comes from a family deeply rooted in public service and community involvement.


Hilary pursued her education with a focus on business and philanthropy, which set the foundation for her future endeavors. Her academic background equipped her with the skills and knowledge to navigate both the corporate world and the nonprofit sector effectively.

Professional Career

Role in PlumpJack Group

Hilary Newsom Callan is a key figure in the PlumpJack Group, a hospitality management company co-founded by her brother Gavin Newsom. As the President of the PlumpJack Group, Hilary oversees a diverse portfolio of wineries, restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments. Her leadership has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success.

Philanthropic Initiatives

Hilary’s passion for giving back is evident in her involvement with various charitable organizations. She has dedicated her time and resources to causes close to her heart, particularly those related to cancer research and support services.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Cancer Research Advocacy

One of Hilary’s most significant contributions is her work with cancer research and support organizations. This cause is deeply personal for her, as she lost her mother to breast cancer. In honor of her mother’s memory, Hilary has been actively involved in fundraising and advocacy efforts to support cancer patients and their families.

Supporting Local Communities

Beyond cancer research, Hilary is also committed to supporting local communities in California. She has been involved in various initiatives aimed at improving education, healthcare, and housing for underprivileged communities. Her hands-on approach and genuine concern for others have made a tangible impact on many lives.

Personal Life

Family and Values

Hilary Newsom Callan is known for her strong family values. She is a devoted mother and wife, balancing her professional responsibilities with her personal life. Her commitment to her family is a testament to her ability to prioritize and manage multiple roles effectively.

Hobbies and Interests

In her spare time, Hilary enjoys activities that allow her to connect with nature and unwind. She is an avid supporter of outdoor activities and believes in the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Challenges and Triumphs

Overcoming Personal Loss

Hilary’s journey has not been without challenges. The loss of her mother to cancer was a significant personal blow, but it also became a driving force behind her philanthropic efforts. She has channeled her grief into meaningful action, working tirelessly to support cancer research and patient care.

Leadership in Crisis

As a leader, Hilary has faced various challenges, particularly in the competitive hospitality industry. Her ability to navigate through economic downturns and market fluctuations while keeping her team motivated and focused is a testament to her resilience and leadership skills.

Vision for the Future

Continued Philanthropy

Looking ahead, Hilary Newsom Callan remains committed to her philanthropic endeavors. She aims to expand her efforts in cancer research and support, ensuring that more patients and families receive the help they need.

Business Growth and Innovation

In her role with the PlumpJack Group, Hilary is focused on innovation and sustainable growth. She envisions the company continuing to thrive by embracing new trends and technologies in the hospitality industry.


Hilary Newsom Callan is a remarkable individual whose life and career reflect a deep commitment to service and community. Through her leadership in the PlumpJack Group and her tireless philanthropic efforts, she has made a lasting impact on many lives. Hilary’s story is one of resilience, compassion, and dedication, serving as an inspiration to many.


Who is Hilary Newsom Callan?

Hilary Newsom Callan is the President of the PlumpJack Group and a well-known philanthropist, particularly in cancer research advocacy.

What is the PlumpJack Group?

The PlumpJack Group is a hospitality management company co-founded by Gavin Newsom, operating wineries, restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments.

Why is Hilary Newsom Callan involved in cancer research?

Hilary is involved in cancer research due to the personal loss of her mother to breast cancer, which inspired her to support cancer patients and their families.

What are Hilary Newsom Callan’s main philanthropic efforts?

Her main efforts focus on cancer research and support, as well as initiatives to improve education, healthcare, and housing for underprivileged communities.

What is Hilary’s vision for the future?

Hilary aims to continue her philanthropic work, particularly in cancer research, and to drive innovation and sustainable growth in the PlumpJack Group.

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