Highway Accidents

Highway Accidents Can Increase During Winter Driving Conditions

Highway accidents are some of the most dangerous collisions due to the high speed limits and the number of cars on the road. However, roads can be slick and treacherous in the winter months, making highway accidents far more common.

The Seriousness of Highway Accidents

The fast pace of a highway can lend itself to a lot of serious car collisions. Winter weather only enhances that, but it’s also possible to experience bad accidents in the summer, as well.

Generally, wet or snowy roads, fog, and sudden storms are the biggest reasons for highway accidents, along with drivers who are not paying attention or driving too fast or recklessly. Because cars cause a lot more damage when they hit something at higher speeds, they also cause additional damage to the people inside those cars.

Your Attorney Will Guide You Through the Legal Process

By working with a lawyer for highway accidents, you’ll benefit from all kinds of great experience in the field of motor vehicle accidents. Your attorney will look at your case’s facts and help you decide how you want to proceed. Most cases settle out of court, but there’s a chance your case will make its way to court, especially if the insurance company refuses to create a fair offer.

A Settlement Can Help You Put the Accident Behind You

While it’s understandable that you want to settle down quickly and put the accident in the past, don’t be in too much of a hurry. Let your attorney work on getting you a better settlement that provides more compensation for your injuries. Waiting a little longer could supply you with more compensation so you can cover your medical bills and take care of any ongoing issues caused by your accident.

Don’t Settle for a Low Offer

If you have been injured in a highway accident, your focus should be on medical care and healing. In the midst of all that, you might be contacted by the other party’s insurance company with a settlement offer. They’ll make it sound like they’re trying to help you, but they also want you to sign a paper saying you’ve been compensated and waive your rights to ask for anything else. Don’t sign that paper because an attorney can likely get you a higher settlement.

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