Following On Facebook!

Get To Know Your Customers And Build A Following On Facebook!

Your business is growing, but you know there is still more that you can do to steer it towards greater profits. The world’s economy continues to move its main field of play onto digital platforms and you have followed along with your company’s website. That’s great, but the thing that so many businesses don’t take advantage of is social media!

Social media is the town square of today, and it’s a big one, social media titan Facebook has a digital population of 3 billion active users! If you want to make the most of this treasure trove of possibilities, just contact King Kong and their expert digital marketing gurus will make sure you are optimized for success! Here are some tips to get you started once you have opened your free Facebook business account!

Interact With Your Customers – Social media is a wonderful venue for posting content, but it’s a lot more than that! Social media gives you the opportunity to build relationships with potential customers, many of whom will become your followers! The more you engage, the more people will be drawn to your goods and services. It’s something you have to stay on top of, it’s vital to “Like” and respond to everyone’s comments to keep their attention and make them feel welcome. Take the time to make a personal comment, it really helps sell your brand identity! Keeping the conversation going will encourage people to interact with you and your company’s products!

Start A Facebook Group – Facebook currently has over 10 million groups with total membership numbering over 1.5 billion users active every month of the year! Starting a Facebook Group dedicated to your business that’s busy and full of new content will draw people in quickly and keep them there, you will be building a real community of followers with loyalty to your brand! Implement challenges, games, puzzles, along with community awards like sneak peeks at new products, or exclusive discounts and member-only sales! Talking with your group about your brand is sure to bring valuable traffic to your door!

Post Consistently – Provide your followers with content, then more content, the more the better, and as often as you possibly can! You can do once or twice a week to start, then aim for daily posts to keep the ball rolling!

If this sounds good, then start your exciting Facebook adventure today!

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