Chris Evert

Chris Evert

Welcome to the captivating world of tennis and the remarkable journey of one of its greatest champions – Chris Evert. From her early days on the court to her current work off it, Evert’s story is filled with triumphs, rivalries, and a steadfast determination that has left an indelible mark on the sport.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into Evert’s extraordinary life both on and off the tennis court. We’ll explore her early years and family background, uncover her illustrious career statistics and notable rivalries, dissect her unique playing style, and examine her ongoing contributions to the game she loves. But beyond all these achievements lies another battle – a personal struggle against ovarian cancer that has touched not only Evert but also those closest to her.

Prepare yourself for an enlightening exploration of resilience as we dive into Chris Evert’s inspiring journey through triumphs, setbacks, and unwavering strength in facing life’s challenges head-on. Let’s get started!

Early life and family

Born on December 21, 1954, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Chris Evert was destined for greatness from a young age. Growing up in an athletic family, her father was a professional tennis coach and her younger sister would also go on to become a professional player. Tennis was ingrained in her DNA.

Evert’s childhood was spent honing her skills on the courts of Holiday Park where she trained under the watchful eye of her father. Her natural talent and unwavering dedication quickly propelled her into the spotlight, earning numerous junior titles and catching the attention of tennis enthusiasts around the world.

Despite being raised in a competitive environment, Evert’s family played an instrumental role in nurturing her passion for tennis while ensuring she maintained a balanced life off the court. With their unwavering support and guidance, she developed not only as an exceptional athlete but also as an individual grounded by strong values that have guided her throughout life.

Personal life

Chris Evert’s personal life has been just as captivating as her tennis career. Born on December 21, 1954, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she grew up in a family that was deeply involved in athletics. Her father was a tennis coach and her younger brother also played professional tennis.

Off the court, Chris Evert has had several high-profile relationships throughout her life. She married English player John Lloyd in 1979 but they divorced after only two years of marriage. She then went on to marry Olympic skier Andy Mill in 1988 and they had three sons together before divorcing in 2006.

In addition to her romantic relationships, Evert is an active philanthropist and has supported various causes over the years. She established the Chris Evert Charities Foundation which raises funds for drug abuse prevention programs and other children’s charities.

Tennis career

The tennis career of Chris Evert is one that will be remembered for generations to come. From her early days on the court, it was clear that she possessed a natural talent and determination that set her apart from her competitors.

Evert’s rise to stardom began in the 1970s when she dominated women’s tennis with her powerful groundstrokes and unwavering focus. She won an impressive 18 Grand Slam singles titles and held the world No. 1 ranking for a total of 260 weeks, both records at the time.

One of the defining aspects of Evert’s career was her intense rivalries with other legendary players such as Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King. These matches were always highly anticipated and showcased some of the greatest tennis ever played.

Throughout her career, Evert amassed an incredible list of achievements and accolades, solidifying herself as one of the greatest female athletes in history. Her legacy continues to inspire future generations of tennis players who strive to reach similar heights on the court.


Chris Evert, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, was no stranger to intense rivalries on the court. Throughout her career, she faced off against some formidable opponents who pushed her to her limits and brought out the best in her game.

One of Evert’s most iconic rivalries was with fellow tennis legend Martina Navratilova. Their battles on the court were legendary and captivated audiences around the world. The contrasting styles of play between Evert’s consistency and Navratilova’s aggression made for thrilling matches that often went down to the wire.

Another notable rivalry for Evert was with Evonne Goolagong Cawley. These two talented players had a competitive history that spanned several years, showcasing their skills and determination each time they met on the court.

Evert’s fierce rivalries not only added excitement to women’s tennis but also elevated the sport as a whole. Her ability to compete at such a high level against formidable opponents solidified her place as one of the greatest athletes in tennis history.

Career statistics

Chris Evert’s career statistics are a testament to her incredible talent and skill on the tennis court. Throughout her career, she achieved astonishing records that solidified her place as one of the greatest players in tennis history.

In total, Chris won an impressive 157 singles titles, including 18 Grand Slam championships. She also reached the finals of an additional 10 Grand Slam tournaments. Her dominance was evident in her win-loss record, which stood at an outstanding 1,309 wins to only 146 losses.

Evert’s consistency is truly remarkable. She held a winning percentage of over 90% for four consecutive years and finished with a career winning percentage of over 89%. These numbers speak volumes about her ability to perform at such a high level consistently throughout her career.

Chris Evert’s incredible career statistics illustrate why she remains an icon in the world of tennis today. Her numerous victories and exceptional winning percentages set her apart from other players and cemented her legacy as one of the all-time greats in the sport.

Playing style

Chris Evert’s playing style on the tennis court was characterized by her exceptional consistency and precision. She had a textbook technique, with a classic two-handed backhand that became her signature shot. Evert’s ability to hit the ball early and take it on the rise allowed her to control rallies and dictate play.

Evert was known for her relentless baseline game, rarely venturing to the net unless necessary. Her defensive skills were unmatched, as she displayed incredible footwork and anticipation to retrieve seemingly impossible shots. Evert’s strong mental game also played a crucial role in her success, as she remained composed under pressure and consistently outsmarted opponents.

With an impressive record of 18 Grand Slam singles titles, Chris Evert’s playing style cemented her place among tennis legends. Her consistent groundstrokes, strategic approach, and unwavering focus made her a formidable opponent on any surface. Whether it was clay or grass courts, Evert’s mastery of fundamentals set new standards in women’s tennis during her era.

Current work

Chris Evert, the legendary tennis player, may have retired from professional tennis, but she has continued to make an impact in the world of sports and beyond. Her current work reflects her passion for the game and her desire to inspire others.

In recent years, Chris Evert has become a respected commentator and analyst for major tennis tournaments. Her insightful analysis and extensive knowledge of the sport have made her a trusted voice in the industry. She also serves as a mentor to young players, offering guidance and support as they navigate their own careers.

Off the court, Chris Evert is involved in various charitable endeavors. She is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer through her involvement with organizations like Susan G. Komen Foundation. Additionally, she works closely with children’s charities, using her platform to make a positive difference in their lives.

Chris Evert’s current work showcases not only her expertise in tennis but also her commitment to making a difference in the world. Through commentary and mentoring, she continues to inspire future generations of athletes. And through philanthropy, she uses her influence for good causes that are close to her heart.

Cancer battle

Chris Evert reveals ovarian cancer recurrence

In a shocking revelation, tennis legend Chris Evert recently announced that she is battling a recurrence of ovarian cancer. This news has sent shockwaves through the sports world and has left fans concerned for her well-being. Despite facing this formidable opponent once before, Evert remains strong and determined to fight.

Support from Martina Navratilova

Evert’s longtime rival and friend, Martina Navratilova, has been by her side throughout this difficult journey. The two champions have shared many memorable moments on the court, but their bond extends far beyond tennis. Navratilova’s unwavering support is a testament to the deep friendship they share.

Impact of ovarian cancer

Evert’s battle with ovarian cancer highlights the importance of early detection and raising awareness about this devastating disease. Sadly, she is not alone in her struggle – other notable figures such as Pete Sampras have also been affected by ovarian cancer within their families. It serves as a reminder that no one is immune to its reach and underscores the need for continued research and support for those fighting against it.

Chris Evert reveals ovarian cancer recurrence

Chris Evert, the legendary tennis player, has recently revealed her battle with ovarian cancer recurrence. This shocking news comes as a surprise to many fans who have admired her both on and off the court. In an emotional statement, Evert shared her diagnosis and expressed gratitude for the support she has received from friends, family, and fellow athletes.

Evert’s announcement has sparked a wave of empathy and concern among fans worldwide. Her courage in speaking out about her health struggles serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. The tennis community has rallied around Evert, offering words of encouragement and sending well wishes for her recovery.

As Chris Evert continues to navigate her cancer journey, it is evident that she will face this latest setback with the same determination and resilience that characterized her illustrious tennis career. Her bravery in sharing this personal battle highlights the importance of raising awareness about ovarian cancer and advocating for early detection methods.

Support from Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert’s rivalry on the tennis court was legendary, but off the court, they were close friends. When Evert revealed her ovarian cancer recurrence in 2020, Navratilova was there to offer her unwavering support. As fellow tennis greats who had both faced health battles of their own, Navratilova understood the challenges that Evert would face.

Navratilova took to social media to express her love and support for Evert during this difficult time. She praised Evert’s strength and resilience, reminding her that she was not alone in this fight. The bond between these two champions extended beyond their competitive days on the court.

Having someone like Martina Navratilova in her corner undoubtedly provided comfort and encouragement for Chris Evert as she battled ovarian cancer once again. Their friendship is a testament to the lasting relationships that can be formed through shared experiences and mutual respect.

Impact of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is a devastating disease that has had a profound impact on the lives of many individuals, including celebrities like Chris Evert. The news of Evert’s ovarian cancer recurrence sent shockwaves through the tennis community and beyond. It serves as a stark reminder that this disease does not discriminate based on age, fame, or success.

Evert’s battle with ovarian cancer has brought awareness to the importance of early detection and regular screenings. Her experience has inspired others to prioritize their health and seek medical attention if they notice any concerning symptoms. By sharing her story, she has given hope to countless women who are facing their own battles with this relentless disease.

The impact of ovarian cancer extends far beyond individual cases like Evert’s. It affects families, friends, and loved ones who provide unwavering support during treatment and recovery. Additionally, it highlights the need for continued research efforts to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer.

The impact of ovarian cancer cannot be overstated. Through personal stories like Chris Evert’s courageous fight against this disease, we are reminded of the importance of education, prevention measures such as regular check-ups,and ongoing support for those affected by ovarian cancer.

Pete Sampras reveals wife’s ovarian cancer diagnosis

Pete Sampras, former tennis champion and one of the greatest players of all time, recently made a heartbreaking revelation – his wife has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This shocking news has sent shockwaves through the tennis community and beyond.

In a recent interview, Sampras spoke candidly about his wife’s diagnosis and their journey ahead. He expressed his deep love and support for her as they navigate this difficult battle together. The couple is determined to stay positive and fight the disease head-on.

Ovarian cancer is a devastating illness that affects thousands of women every year. It can be challenging to detect in its early stages, which makes it even more important for women to be vigilant about their health. Sampras’ openness about his wife’s diagnosis serves as an important reminder of the importance of regular check-ups and screenings.

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Mom dies of ovarian cancer at 38

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when it’s your mother. Chris Evert experienced this heartbreaking reality when her mom passed away at the young age of 38 due to ovarian cancer. It was a devastating blow for Chris and her family, leaving them with a void that could never be filled.

Ovarian cancer is a ruthless disease that takes the lives of thousands of women every year. The fact that it claimed the life of Chris’ mother at such a tender age highlights its relentless nature. The tragedy serves as a reminder of the urgent need for more research, resources, and support to combat this deadly illness.

Chris’ personal experience with ovarian cancer has undoubtedly influenced her advocacy work in raising awareness about the disease. Her courage in sharing her story has given hope to many others fighting similar battles and has inspired countless individuals to take action against ovarian cancer.

No one should have to go through what Chris Evert and her family endured. It is vital that we continue to support efforts aimed at early detection, effective treatment options, and ultimately finding a cure for ovarian cancer so that fewer families have to suffer such heartbreaking losses.

Mom’s ovarian cancer battle documented on TikTok

When it comes to battling cancer, every story is unique and inspiring. And in today’s digital age, people are finding new ways to share their journeys with the world. One such example is a mom who decided to document her ovarian cancer battle on TikTok.

She used the platform as a creative outlet to not only raise awareness about this deadly disease but also provide support and encouragement to others facing similar struggles. Through her videos, she shared the ups and downs of her treatment, openly discussing topics like chemotherapy side effects and hair loss.

Her transparency and vulnerability resonated with thousands of viewers who found solace in knowing they were not alone. The comments section became a hub of positivity and empathy, with people sharing their own stories or offering words of encouragement.

By using TikTok as a medium for documenting her journey, this brave mom transformed adversity into an opportunity for connection and inspiration. Her willingness to be vulnerable on such a public platform showcases the power social media holds when used for purposes beyond entertainment.


When it comes to Chris Evert, there is no doubt that she has left an indelible mark on the world of tennis. From her early life and family to her incredible career statistics, Evert’s journey is one filled with determination and success.

Her playing style was renowned for its precision and consistency, making her a formidable opponent on any court. And even after retiring from professional tennis, Evert continues to make an impact through her current work in the sport.

However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Evert. Her battle with ovarian cancer has been well-documented, but she has shown incredible strength in facing this challenge head-on. With support from fellow tennis legend Martina Navratilova and others who have faced similar struggles, Evert inspires hope and resilience.

Chris Evert’s legacy extends far beyond the tennis court. She is not just a champion athlete but also a symbol of strength in the face of adversity. Her story serves as a reminder that no matter what challenges we may encounter in life, we can find the inner strength to overcome them and continue to make a difference in our own unique way.


As we wrap up our journey through the life and career of tennis legend Chris Evert, let’s take a moment to address some frequently asked questions about this remarkable athlete.

1. What is Chris Evert known for?

Chris Evert is known for her incredible skill and dominance on the tennis court. She won a total of 18 Grand Slam singles titles throughout her career, including seven French Open championships and three Wimbledon titles.

2. How did Chris Evert impact the sport of tennis?

Evert’s precision, consistency, and mental toughness revolutionized women’s tennis. Her rivalry with Martina Navratilova became legendary and helped popularize the sport in the 1970s and 1980s.

3. What is Chris Evert doing now?

After retiring from professional tennis in 1989, Evert has remained involved in various aspects of the sport. She founded the Chrissie Evert Charities organization, which raises funds for at-risk children in Florida. Additionally, she works as a television commentator for ESPN during major tournaments.

4. How did ovarian cancer impact Chris Evert’s life?

In recent years, ovarian cancer has unfortunately touched close to home for Chris Evert. In an emotional revelation in 2021, she shared that she had experienced a recurrence of ovarian cancer after being initially diagnosed more than three decades ago.

5. Did anyone else associated with Chris experience ovarian cancer?

Yes, tragically, both Pete Sampras’ wife Bridgette Wilson-Sampras and Chris’ own mother also battled ovarian cancer at different points in their lives.

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