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Breaking Down the Ingredients in Foundation Skincare’s Untangled Hair Supplement

Hair growth supplements are not all equal, but they are easy to evaluate if you know what your hair needs to grow and be healthy. The reason Untangled Hair Supplement has been getting such strong reviews is that it is formulated to cover the most important vitamins and nutrients your body needs to build healthy hair.

Antioxidants and Minerals That Encourage Hair Growth

Vitamins C and E are important antioxidants that play several roles in maintaining healthy hair and skin, and Untangled Hair Supplement is rich in both. It also has collagen supplements to give your body the building blocks it needs to construct new hair, and it has iron, zinc, and selenium to help with that process as well. All of these nutrients are necessary for hair that is as thick, strong, and healthy as possible.

Fighting Cell Damage with Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to remediate cell damage from environmental hazards like UV rays from sunlight, pollution, or exposure to smoke and smog. That can help follicles work again if they have fallen dormant due to cell damage to your scalp from long-term exposure, but it takes a little time to work. It also works to prevent future damage, especially when included with vitamins C and E. That helps ensure that healthy hair stays healthy, which is why some women choose to use hair supplements before they notice thinning.

Block DHT Hormone with Saw Palmetto

DHT is a testosterone-related hormone that plays a crucial role in hair growth and in pattern baldness. Saw palmetto is a natural blocker that helps keep DHT levels in check, and that can mitigate some of the hormonal causes that underlie hair loss for men and women alike. That’s why saw palmetto is a common ingredient in hair serum for women.

Most prescription hair loss treatments include synthetic regulators for DHT, but for those seeking an over-the-counter solution or just one rooted in natural hair care principles, saw palmetto is an active ingredient with a lot of potential. When included with the other important nutrients, it helps to return your scalp to the balance you need for healthy hair growth.

Daily Hair Supplement Results

It takes about thirty days for most people to have clear, noticeable results. You can expect to see hair looking and feeling stronger, with some thickening and filling out over areas that have thinned. After about sixty days most people see pronounced regrowth in the areas that were previously thin as follicles reactivate. Like most other vitamins and supplements, it works best when used consistently over a long term.

You can also use hair supplements to proactively keep hair healthy, which can keep you from needing more intensive treatments like serums. If you have been looking for a Nutrafol dupe with proven results and a dermatologist-approved formulation, you should take a closer look at the Untangled Hair Supplement. A quick review of the results and customer testimonials will show you the results that others have already seen. Check them out today to learn more.

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