The Melbourne Tornado of 2015 Takes Social Media by Storm

A freak afternoon storm caused flash flooding in Melbourne’s CBD and soaked Flemington Racecourse on Oaks Day. The Melbourne Tornado of 2015 takes Social Media by Storm.

  1. 1

    Vision from Melbourne’s Federation Square

  2. 2

    Storm chaser Chris Stone's photo, taken about 1.50pm in Tullamarine, shows an ominous grey column descending from a storm cloud above.

  3. 3

    A female punter has stripped down to her underwear on Ladies Day and run around the lawn as Flemington was hit by a huge storm on Oaks Day

  4. 4

    There was an Actual TORNADO WARNING for Melbourne

  5. 5

    Other Twitter users posted their own pics of the tornado, which are yet to be verified

  6. 6

    And more Shocking pictures

  7. 7

    Not all were taking the Tornado Threat Seriously

  8. 8

    Melbourne-Sydney Rivalry

  9. 9

    Even storm chasers were on the scene

  10. 10

    Melbourne, where the weather is so indecisive even natural disasters don't know what to do!

  11. 11

    Bureau of Meteorology cancelled its tornado warning at 3 PM and life went back to normal

  12. 12

    Carnage created by Melbourne's Tornado

  13. 13

    New tourism tagline for Victoria!

  14. 14

    And Tornado Shelters

  15. 15

    It lasted for .... Well, a few minutes

  16. 16

    The Melbourne tornado even had time to set up its own Twitter account

  17. 17

    Everyone Freaked Out

  18. 18

    Leaves hipsters devastated

  19. 19

    We Will Rebuild

  20. 20

    The Cleanup Begins

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