70 Reasons to Visit Fiji

Fiji, a country in the South Pacific, is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. It's famed for its rugged landscape of blue lagoons and palm-lined beaches, and eco-activities from mountain climbing and surfing to soft-coral diving and zip-lining. Here are 70 Reasons to Visit Fiji.

  1. 1

    Castaway Island Resort in the Mamanuca Islands.

  2. 2

    White-water rafting

    Fiji's lagoons are brilliant for sea kayaking and the waterways through its mangroves let you explore these mysterious ecosystems.

  3. 3

    The enchanting and inspiring beaches

    First of all, they're everywhere. Second, any picture you take could easily be distributed as a "Wish You Were Here" postcard to make everyone on Facebook jealous.

  4. 4

    The 3,000 square miles of coral reef

    Source: guim.co.uk

    Home to the world’s richest soft coral and over 3,000 square miles of other brightly colored and uniquely shaped coral, these islands are a scuba divers and snorkelers dream.

  5. 5

    World-class surfing

    Most surfers head for the Mamanuca islands to hit the waves.

  6. 6

    The fact that 80% of the island of Taveuni is covered in rain forests

  7. 7

    The people of Fiji are ridiculously nice, big smiles, all the time no matter what the weather

  8. 8

    It is only a four 1/2 hour flight from the east coast of Australia

  9. 9


    Charter a private yacht and choose your course or join a cruise.

  10. 10

    The world-class food scene

    You can fill your belly with cuisine unlike any other in the world, inspired by the local Indo-Fijian community. Southeast Asian and Indian flavors heavily influence the food, so many curries and Indian and Thai spices are found in most recipes.

  11. 11

    Learn to say Bula! The only Fijian word you'll ever need

    Source: tripadvisor.com
  12. 12

    Feel free to relax in the Pacific's most lavish spas

  13. 13

    Real ecotourism

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

    It is at the southern end of the main road through Nadi. It is the largest Hindu temple in the Southern hemisphere.

  16. 16

    Of the 322 islands in Fiji, half of them are uninhabited, and as a result there are extensive stretches of beautiful, untouched white sand beaches. Tourists will be able to visit a great many of these beaches.

  17. 17

    Fiji enjoys a sunny, breezy and mild climate and even the ocean is at an ideal temperature for swimming and surfing.

  18. 18

    Dinner by the beach

    Source: clevents.com

    Whether you’re traveling with your significant other, a group of girlfriends or even your family, plan to have at least one dinner by the beach during your Fiji vacay.

  19. 19

    Try some Kava

    The taste leaves little to be desired, but don’t let this stop you from enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.

  20. 20

    Sigatoka Dunes

    The prehistoric sites excavated at Sigatoka Sand Dunes give a glimpse into Fijian history without having to trek through a museum.

  21. 21

    The diversity and abundant activities of Suva will surprise you

  22. 22

    The overwater bungalows at LikuLiku Lagoon Resort

  23. 23

    The cascading waterfalls & history in Bouma National Heritage Park

  24. 24

    Best. Coconuts. Ever.

  25. 25

    The water (at the beach) is crystal clear

  26. 26

    The sunsets over the water

  27. 27

    The seafood

    Source: www.fiji.travel
  28. 28


    Source: realpasifik.com
  29. 29

    A helicopter tour over the Mamanuca Islands will give you a wonderful view of Fiji’s islands, including Monuriki.

  30. 30

    You can pick up a souvenir and hand-made Fijian crafts at Nadi’s open market

  31. 31

    The Privacy Of Fiji’s Islands

    One of Fiji’s most attractive qualities is the unique private feel of the islands and of its accommodations. Many resort areas cater to small groups of people instead of trying to have mass appeal.

  32. 32

    Fiji’s World Class Golf Courses

    Source: www.fiji.travel
  33. 33

    Adventures Are Abundant For Adrenaline Lovers

    Source: riversfiji.com
  34. 34


    With myriad greens in the landscapes, yellows and chartreuse mingling as palm trees rustle in the breeze and the bright oranges of ripe mangos and papayas, Fiji flaunts all the feel-good colors.

  35. 35

    Kula Eco Park

    Get up close and personal with Fiji's rare and endangered animals in this environmental haven near Sigatoka.

  36. 36

    The Mamanucas

  37. 37

    Yasawa flyer

    Source: tripadvisor.com
  38. 38


    Don't look down....just jump.

  39. 39

    Fiji is all about what’s natural, and one particularly messy way to embrace that is by taking a dip in the natural mud pools and hot springs.

  40. 40

    Attend a traditional Kava ceremony to get a taste of Fijian culture

  41. 41

    Hammocks on Every Beach

  42. 42


    Fiji has a very tight-knit society that is mostly village based. Even the cities feel small and aunts, uncles and cousins are likely to live in the same neighborhood.

  43. 43

    Blue lagoon

    Source: buuteeq.com
  44. 44


    Rugby is Fiji's third religion and the locals are obsessed. Almost every village has a team.

  45. 45


  46. 46

    Sigatoka river and cave safaris

    Source: tripadvisor.com
  47. 47

    The hiking is like nowhere else in the world.

  48. 48

    Takashi suzuki garden

    Source: www.flickr.com
  49. 49

    Fiji Airways

    Source: travelpulse.com

    Fiji Airways, formerly Air Pacific is the flag carrier airline of Fiji.

  50. 50

    The Sunrise

    Source: www.flickr.com
  51. 51

    Denarau Island

    Denarau Island is a small private island in Fiji northwest of the main island of Viti Levu.

  52. 52

    Fiji Museum

    Source: tripadvisor.com

    The Fiji Museum is a museum in Suva, Fiji located in the capital city's botanical gardens, Thurston Gardens. The museum houses an extensive archaeological collection dating back 3,700 years and relics of Fiji's indigenous cultural history.

  53. 53

    Sigatoka Sand Dunes

    Source: www.fiji.travel
  54. 54


  55. 55

    Navua River

    The Navua River is located in the island of Viti Levu and has its source on the south east slope of Mount Gordon and flows for 65 kilometers to the south coast.

  56. 56

    Thurston Gardens

    Source: fijisun.com.fj

    They used to be known as the Suva Botanical Gardens but its name was changed in honour of the fifth Governor of Fiji, Sir John Bates Thurston, who was Governor from February 1888 to March 1897.

  57. 57

    Vuda Point

    Vuda Point is a location in Fiji's Ba Province, between Nadi and Lautoka. By tradition, it was the landing site of the canoes that brought the Melanesian ancestors of the Fijian people to the country.

  58. 58

    Albert Park

    Albert Park can hold two rugby matches at one time. There’s also a hockey pitch located in the middle of the ground with a grandstand and a cafeteria.

  59. 59

    Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve

  60. 60

    Mount Tomanivi

    Source: www.paxgaea.com

    Mount Tomanivi, previously named Mount Victoria, is an extinct volcano located in the northern highlands of Viti Levu. At 1,324 metres, Mount Tomanivi is the highest mountain in Fiji.

  61. 61


    Yasawa, also called Assawa and Ysava, is the main island of the Yasawa Group, an archipelago in Fiji's Western Division

  62. 62

    ANZ National Stadium

    Source: fijione.tv

    The ANZ National Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Suva

  63. 63


    Nukulau Island is a small islet belonging to Fiji.

  64. 64

    Garden of the Sleeping Giant

  65. 65

    Subar maniya

    Source: tripadvisor.com
  66. 66

    Mt korobobo

    Source: panoramio.com
  67. 67

    Suva Point

  68. 68

    Denerau Beach

    Source: tripadvisor.com
  69. 69

    Fiji Spice Gardens

  70. 70

    Navala Bures

    Source: tripadvisor.com
  71. 71

    FIJI Water

    Fiji Water is a brand of bottled water derived, bottled, and shipped from Fiji. It is available in 330ml, 500ml, 1 liter and 1.5 liter bottles.. According to marketing materials, the water comes from an artesian aquifer in Viti Levu.

  72. 72

    Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool

    Natural mud pool, local staff to help and a small handcraft market to spend time while mid dries.

  73. 73

    Coral Cats - Day Trips

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